MLG Architects was founded in 2009 in New York City as a full service architectural firm, specializing in architecture, master planning, interior architecture, and programming services.  Backed by decades of experience with the most demanding projects and clients, we have the vision to recognize the keys of each development and design opportunity, and our experience and expertise have led us to projects worldwide.   We have the expertise to provide a full range of services, meeting the goals of developers, owners, and operators to meet strict budgets, schedules, and standards of quality.  We have the talent to ensure that peerless design is delivered at every level - from initial master planning through construction administration. We understand that all project team disciplines must work together, diligently, for a successful outcome for all; that knowledge drives our business.

Master Planning


Hospitality - New Build



MLG Architects have provided comprehensive master plan services for our clients throughout the world. We specialize in providing design services for complex sites and programs, and we apply our experience and knowledge to the service of our clients in all aspects of design, from conceptual planning through final documentation. A successful master plan requires an understanding of economics and demographics, as well as site analysis, programming, zoning, and building codes. This holds true whether the site is urban, rural, or suburban. We apply this understanding to provide a comprehensive master plan that simultaneously responds to the specific environment of the project site and the particular needs of the client. We have implemented our planning philosophy into our work, which has led to a wealth of experience with housing, hotels, office space, retail, meeting/event centers, and a variety of entertainment and cultural complexes for significant developments locally and around the world.

During the course of their careers, the principals of MLG Architects have accumulated broad and in-depth experience in the leisure and entertainment sector. Such experience ranges in scale from independent local brew-pubs to themed dining and entertainment centers to casino resorts and cruise ships. Services have run the gamut as well, ranging from programming and the development of brand standards to “flash track” construction administration.

Over the past 40 years, the Principals of MLG Architects have designed and planned hotels for nearly every type of hotel operation: branded and independent, urban and rural, traditional and cutting-edge, business and leisure oriented. Whether it is a Midtown high-rise or an island resort, a hotel functions as a city unto itself. We have worked with numerous world-class interior designers to create memorable spaces, and our experience has given us a thorough understanding of the impact that decisions regarding planning and building systems have on the guest experience and the economics of hotel ownership and operations. A delicate balance must be achieved between the needs for public spaces, operational and service areas, amenities and private accommodation spaces, but ultimately it is the favorable experiences of guests that is paramount to the success of a hotel.

MLG Architects’ partners have over 60 years of experience across a full range of hospitality renovation and repositioning projects; from 3-star to 5-star properties including resorts and full service urban hotels. We have worked extensively with full building conversions from non-hospitality uses, including comprehensive core and shell work, as well as phased upgrades designed to accommodate the continuous operation of existing hotels. Our renovations have not only been completed within the framework of existing programs and space planning, but have also involved expansion or reprogramming of floor areas to maximize property programs and earning potential while delivering the uninterrupted quality of service expected by guests.

MLG Architects specialize in providing residential design services for complex sites and programs. Our experience and knowledge enable us to expertly address all aspects of residential design from conceptual massing and feasibility studies, to final apartment layouts and marketing plans. We understand the complexity of maximizing space, views, and unit mixes within a given building envelope. We also specialize in the conversion of non-residential buildings into successful apartment buildings by designing efficient layouts within existing structures and mechanical systems. Successful residential projects require careful consideration of economics, marketing trends, unit mixes, zoning and building codes. We respond to the needs of each project by providing signature buildings with comfortable living spaces, generous rooms, and dynamic views to enhance the residents’ quality of living.